Monday, June 27, 2011

We're Stupid.

All day Sunday the weather was weird.  All morning until around 2 in the afternoon it was a dreary and wet day.  There wasn't any rain, but the grayness of the clouds suggested rain was possible.  Around 2 in the afternoon everything had changed.  The sun came out and it was humid...really humid.  However, because it was so moderately tempered in the morning hours nearly all of our first floor windows remained open.

At 6 we left to go eat dinner with family and we left under sunny skies.  Since we live west of Lincoln, storms will naturally hit us before Lincoln, but we didn't see anything on the horizon nor did we check any weather stations or websites before we left for dinner.  Sure enough at 8:30 the rain gods unleashed a downpour that was so furious our deck furniture is not at the same position we left it in this morning.  And of course....

Our house was wet, very wet.  Any window that is facing the north or east side had plenty of water flood in.  The carpet is wet, the kitchen had a puddle that was over 6 feet wide and the amount of water that came in through the north windows seeped into the basement as you can see in the pictures.  All that can be said is....we're stupid.

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  1. Oh no! We had heavy rain and hail on my side of town. I hope you guys dry out soon!