Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Ups and Downs of Owning a 100+ year house

Raise your hand if you would purchase a house that has 5 bedrooms.

I see your hand is still up.  Let's see where your threshold is.  
When will you put your hand down?

-2 of those bedrooms (including the master) is downstairs, the other 3 are upstairs. 
-4 bedrooms require significant cosmetic upgrades and the fifth needs quite a bit of wall work
-2 of the bedrooms have zero electrical outlets
-1 of the bedrooms has no closet (which technically makes it not a bedroom)
-Oh yea, the three bedrooms upstairs has no heating or air conditioning.

Hand still up?  I am betting after that long list of chores and to-dos not all of you are willing to own a house in what appears to be such disrepair.  Actually, the house is in very good condition, especially when you consider it's age, but it does need some significant updating.  We have decided that the first serious upgrade this house will receive is air flow to the upper level.  Who knows the countless number of children that grew up in this house freezing in the winter and sweating in the summer, but our future kids will not have to endure this hardship.  That is a bad habit left over from our urban days.

So the task at hand is calling various heating and air specialists and have them float us some quotes and come up with a plan as to how to install this elaborate new system.  2 specialists have come out and it turns out it is much more difficult to add duct work to a already built home than it is when you build a new one.  The best and most affordable plan is to install an interior unit upstairs and run duct work through the ceilings.  We haven't received any estimates yet as to how much this will cost but I am not crossing my fingers.  Luckily everyone we have worked with has been friendly and genuine with wanting to do the job right.

Ok, you can put your hand down those of you who are still holding on.  If nothing else scares you then the 70's dreary shag-like brown carpet in the master bedroom will!

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