Monday, June 27, 2011

4 ways to spend 3 hours

That storm last night blew these branches down!

1. Play a board game
2. Go on a romantic stroll alongside the corn
3. Watch television
4. Using "city boy" tools, hack at a massive tree limb that fell by the barn sometime during last night's storm (see the 'We're Stupid' post for more information).

If you selected option 4, then you have made the same choice I did Monday afternoon.  It was a long and arduous process, but in the end I hacked the tree to bits.  I did leave with a sense of accomplishment, but also some sore forearm muscles.  All using a hatchet and hand saw that was meant for the type of wood you buy at a lumber store.  Here are some pictures of my fun times.
These weak city boy tools got the job done!


I filled 5 carts full of branches!