Saturday, June 25, 2011

Barn Spelunking #2

On June 21, Amy and I rummaged through our 121 year old barn and found lots of excellent (and several non-so-excellent) goodies.  I promised there would be more, so here we are with a second addition of Spelunking.  There is so much stuff in this barn I would not be surprised if this has multiple entries following this one.  Above you can see an old milking cow pail.  The level of rust and breakdown suggest this pail is old and has not been recently used.

Another tool to add to my collection.  Here is a hammer, Amy is pretty sure it was used by farriers (those who put horseshoes on).  This is definitely "primitive" and was built here on this piece of property.  

 A dairy cow's bell?
Here I am holding the last strange object we will post about.  It looks similar to that of a small trident but with only two prongs.  So, it is a du-dent.  This dudent is what evil people or satanic creatures use while they are still in training...but it's probably something else.  Amy's guess is it belonged to a tractor at one point.  She's pretty smart so I'll go with that.

Not pictured:  two trash bags FULL of rusty nails, wires and other old metals as well as many bottles of unmarked glass containers and coffee cans.


  1. Hi Rob, when I got here, your site meter read 999, so congratulations on your first 1000 visitors! And welcome to the wonderful world of homestead blogging. You live in a great part of the country; I envy your having such a one to rummage through!

  2. So close, Leigh, you could have been the magical no. 1000. Unfortunately whoever that person was didn't bother to leave a post. It is fun/work to rummage through the barn but it must be done!