Sunday, June 19, 2011

Strange Fruit

Strange Fruit, a famous Billie Holiday song that is widely known as one of the first anti-racism songs in American history...has nothing to do with this post.

Today was a great day here at the Edge.  It started out with a trip to the Haymarket in Lincoln where we went to the weekly farmer's market.  Several weeks ago one of favorite vendors informed us that he would have raspberry bushes.  Heck yea!  I love raspberries and at our old house it was the most invasive and productive produce we had.  We went with plans of buying several bushes, maybe five or six if we were the mood.  But then something happened...

We were given some choices, and they changed everything!  The vendor had some samples of a fruit we had never heard of, apparently they grow in Northwest Nebraska all the way up to Canada.  These were serviceberries.  They remind one of the texture of a blueberry but with a much sweeter taste.  It was too hard to pass up and we purchased it for the garden.  Two weeks ago, Amy purchased a different strange fruit from this vendor: an Elderberry bush.  We didn't have any sample at that time, we were simply intrigued by the uniqueness of this bush.  Both bushes can be used for jams, jellies or pies.  Since Amy and I don't bake, I see jams in our future.

Out in our yard there is a mulberry tree.  It is starting to drop bucket loads of fruit and Amy picked a bunch today.  I have great memories of my parents making mulberry pancakes for my brothers and I so it is very exciting (and tedious) to already have this tree on our property.  In our front bed, we just planted Junebearing Strawberries.  I forgot about those!

So to recap we now have five different berries growing at the Edge: Elderberries, Mulberries, Raspberries, Serviceberries and Strawberries!


Serviceberries (also known as Saskatoons


This is where the more whimsical writer would conclude using something from Billie Holidays lyrics to "Strange Fruit".  If you look up those lyrics, they do not apply.  At all.  Thus, no clever ending :).

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