Sunday, June 19, 2011

Beekman Inspiration

Have you heard of the very popular "The Fabulous Beekman Boys" on the Planet Green Channel?  Unless you have nice cable, this channel might not be available...we only have it because we have satellite.  If so, then you have witnessed some excellent reality television about two men who trade the fast-paced life of New York City for the quiet times of Sharon Springs, NY.  They purchase a mansion and barn (and land) that were built in 1802.  These two men, Josh and Brent, are pretty amazing guys, I highly encourage you to check out their website/blog/store/television show. 

If you have been reading our blog, or know us personally, then you know that there are some definite parallels here.  Trading urban lifestyle in for rural, switching to more natural living, making goat milk soap (oh wait, that's just them).  When we stumbled upon their show in 2009 it fueled the fire to eventually move out and give this a try.  Brent, who was previously a doctor, also worked for Martha Stewart and Josh is a business executive and author.  This post is about his latest book which is an "unconventional memoir" about their move titled: "The Bucolic Plague" by Josh Kilmer-Purcell.  Click the link and amazon has a sweet deal that lasts until June 21 offering the hardback book for only $10!

Before I get into his book, there is a small back story.  Today is Father's Day and I asked for only one gift from my wife/child.  Each night it is my responsibility to put our daughter to bed and I always read her several books.  She is currently fascinated with Curious George books, but we only own three books.  I have grown more and more frustrated and bored with these books so I finally asked my wife for new Curious George books to read to my daughter.  Today I received three new ones.  I was more thrilled than my daughter!  But how does this relate?  Knowing that I needed some reading material of my own my wife picked up Josh's book for me from the Beekman 1802 store and it was a personalized, autographed copy for me.  Hooray!

I have had the book for only an hour and I am already on chapter three.  It is informative, easy to read, and hilarious.  I must throw in a disclaimer that I do not work for the Beekman boys, I just am a huge fan of what they do and what they represent.  Here is one excerpt that I think is a good representation of what the book is all about.  After their real estate agent (Michelle) gives them a tour of the mansion...

"That's everything inside," Michelle said.  "Would you like to see the crypt?"
"The what?" I said.
"The crypt," she repeated.  "The Beekman Family Crypt.  It's just in the side yard."
Of course I wanted to see the crypt.  Who wouldn't? I wondered how she described that in the real estate listing.  "Historic Mansion, 5BDRM / 5BA / 7 FP / 1 CRPT".  (p. 30).

Truly a great read and I like it even more because it relates so well to our situation here on the Edge.  The Lohmeier family homesteads our land starting in 1889, which for Nebraska history (Nebraska received statehood in 1867) is pretty significant.  Our barn was built as it stands today in 1889, the house came shortly thereafter.  History intrigues me and the Beekman was established in 1802 which is even more historical.  Truly a great read and a great father's day, I hope everyone had a great day!

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