Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Alpaca Visit = Success!

Today we made a twenty minute drive to Raymond, NE and met a nice family who is selling the two male alpacas we are interested in: Phantom and _________.  The man from Craigslist (we named him Craig) was very nice and was incredibly helpful with answering our many questions.  The thing I liked the best about this family is they are just three years ahead of us, so to speak.  They moved out of the city to the country and although they work in Lincoln, they use their land.  Including the 15 alpaca they had, they had 3 miniature donkey and 26 chickens.  We even purchased a dozen eggs! 

Phantom is a 2 year old male and has a mask on his face, which makes him pretty unique.  _______ is the youngest and is around a year old.  While I was trying to take pictures of him he would hide behind the females.  He is small and brown with very hair legs.  He does have a name but Craig didn't know it off the top of his head.  He said we could rename them, but I think we'll keep Phantom.

Any suggestions for naming the little guy?  The front-runners include Raul (from Phantom of the Opera), Buzz (Ayla's favorite Toy Story character) or maybe Tate.  We will likely pick them up on July 7 (our 4 year anniversary!).

Buzz? Tate? Have any suggestions?


  1. Call the other one Menace. Get it, Phantom Menace!?!


  2. Opera? (Phantom and Opera?)

  3. They are pretty cute! Good luck being alpaca parents.

  4. Good name suggestions so far. I am surprised no one has said, Regiment yet....heeheee....keep the coming!