Thursday, June 16, 2011

Trip to Merle's

Merle's...sounds like my great-uncle who lives near the lake, or something to that effect. No, Merle's is a restaurant located in the booming metropolis of Emerald, NE (look that up on the map). On Thursday night the family head out to give our neighborhood bar and grill a try for the first time.

Although the outsides look a little rough, the inside was quaint, the bar was stocked and service was friendly. The menu was pull intriguing and they boasted their prime rib and their "World Famous Curly Fries". I had a fried chicken dinner and it was good. I also had some fries and those were equally good. Located about five minutes out of Lincoln (just past the Pla-Mor ballroom) everyone should give it a try!

Affordable, close, definitely could see the tribe heading out again and again!

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