Sunday, June 26, 2011

1000 visits in 2 weeks!

Dear Edge Fans,

  We are extremely pleased to announce that in less than two weeks over 1000 visitors have come to this blog.  We are pleased and humbled that so many care about us and our journey.  It is my hope that you are enjoying what you are reading and that you will be inspired to create more of a dialogue with us, especially if you have questions or ideas for posts.

  We are trying to grow a fan base and would appreciate you joining our facebook fan page or follow via your google account.  Also, the more exposure the better!  If you would be so kind to post an entry on your facebook page (there is a button on the bottom of each article) then new readers could come enjoy our adventures. 

  So whether you like A letter to the USDA, or an oldie but a goody: The Flies are dumber out here we hope you'll continue to check in on us and our fun times here on Lancaster's Edge.  Here's to the next 1000 visitors!

Rob, Amy and Ayla

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