Sunday, April 29, 2012

Year One in Review: May 2011

On April 29, 2011 we moved into our new adventure.  Each day we will post a month-by-month breakdown of the last 12 months.  Some months were exciting, and others were not. 

APRIL 2011
APRIL 29: The 29th was also Ayla's birthday.  We moved in with two trucks and lots of help and love.  APRIL 30: We slept a lot and ate pizza.  Brand new appliances were delivered.

MAY 2011
MAY 1: Celebrated Ayla's birthday, she is two!
MAY 2: I returned to work.  Amy continued to unpack mountains of boxes and start our life out here.  I hid in my work and tried not to get overly involved or eager.  I was distant at best.
MAY 8: Purchased a riding mower.  This was awesome.
MAY 9-26: Blur.  School year was ending and my energy was focused there.  I am sure we unpacked a lot of boxes.  We also tilled land for an herb garden. 
MAY 27: School ended.  Time to get involved with the acreage.

See, not all months are glamorous.

Celebrating Year ONE in the Edge!

On April 29, 2011 we moved into our new adventure.  We left the comforts of city life with our 2 year old daughter and decided to make a new life on the county line.  In my very first post, it was easy to sense my dismay and caution towards living here.

This blog became my therapy during the summer months of 2011.  I needed this.  I needed to share with others our story in hopes that there were others out there.  I hoped a community would form from this, but unfortunately I have yet to find the same kind of people as us, but I will continue to search.  When I had to return to school in August the blog became spotty and days, weeks or months would go by without posts.  As summer of 2012 nears I can see this will change again.

So what was year one like?  Here is a month-by-month breakdown, (again, a continuation of my therapy) of 2011.  We have done so much to this house and land it is exciting to document the changes.