Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A special thanks to Aunt Betsy!

Last week, avid readers, you may remember the day that a big branch came down in our lawn. Using a hatchet and a little saw I was able to hack it apart. This process only took me three hours.

Well, on our doorstep this morning was an odd-package from Amazon. I looked at Amy (as it was addressed to her) and asked her what she ordered (Secretly hoping for an amazing anniversary gift). She informed me that she had no idea. Upon opening the package a chainsaw sat inside!!! A note inside from Amy's Aunt Betsy: "Happy sawing. You can't live in the wilderness without one. ~Betsy".

So, this post will hopefully suffice as a thank you to Aunt Betsy! I am excited to give it a try (although I am not overly excited for another branch to fall). I will included some pictures of the saw for those of you who are curious later...

Thank you again! - Rob, Amy and Ayla
(Also, happy birthday Betsy!)

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  1. Rob with a chainsaw...sounds dangerous! Happy anniversary, you two!