Friday, July 1, 2011

Phantom Obstacle #2 - - The Barn

Sure, we have a nice 121 year old barn.  But, as you have read in spelunking posts #1 and #2, you know that this barn is not quite ready for animals just yet, especially alpacas.  A lot has to be done.

The north section of the barn is devoted to the alpacas, the central portion will be for the future chickens.  Sometime over the past 121 years this was likely a popular place to house horses.  There is a nice trough in the back of the area and plenty of room for the bigger animals.  Alpacas are much smaller than horses and should live in this space without problem.

The next obstacle is to connect the fenced in pasture area, but we have a plan!
See the gate on the left and the door on the right?  Now imagine a fence connecting the two.
This is the plan.
We have until Thursday!

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