Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Top 5 Tuesday #3

Every Tuesday we will post a Top 5 list.  The content of these lists may or may not relate to the typical blog content.  The list won't necessarily adhere to the Top 5 in order of "best to worst".  We hope this will become a mainstay here on the blog and that people enjoy it!

This week's Top 5 List
What are Ayla's favorite words?  
Let's get inside the mind of this precocious two year old 
and find out Ayla's Top Five words!

1.  Gully-gully-gully-gully _____.  Using a fun tongue-in-mouth babble, Ayla will accompany a variety of the word “gully” with a name from her arsenal of family or friends.  For instance, if she says, “Gully, gully, gully, gully, Daddy.”  Then she wants something from, or to do something with, or she is bringing something too, Daddy.  This has been fun and cute, but sometimes difficult to understand.

2.  Oooh, Aahhh.  This was created just last night (July 4) as Amy used these words to describe the excitement Ayla should have for fireworks.  Then it became known as simply “fireworks”.  All day, she has been 'gullying' for fireworks.  (She was scared/excited while watching them yesterday evening).

3.  Aha.  Ayla learned long ago that monkeys say “ooh, ooh, aha”.  She also happens to love going to zoos where the only monkeys she knows of dwell.  Combine this information and you get the word Aha for zoo.  So, whenever we go to the zoo, we are actually going to the Aha.

4.  Doo-Doo.   It’s not what you think it means :) ... Amy’s brother is Andrew.  We realized long ago that the name Uncle Andrew would be tricky to say for a baby so we encouraged Doo-Doo.  Not only does Ayla call her that, but we all do.  It is especially funny when we call him Doo-Doo in public.

5.  Woo-Woo.  This is perhaps the most obvious one.  Woo-Woo is fairly universal for train amongst little kids and Ayla is no exception to this.  Everytime we drive into Lincoln we usually see around 30 trains, so we hear quite a few Woo-Woos in a given week.

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  1. Haha! Uncle Doo Doo! Kids say the best stuff. Another cute pic of Ayla! I hope you each had a horse when this pic was taken. :)