Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Alpacas are here!

They're here, they're here! 

First off, sorry for the absence, friends.  I have been busy getting ready for the alpaca, visiting family, and watching as many Harry Potter films as possible since last Thursday (we are currently watching the Order of the Phoenix).

Last Thursday, with the help of Amy's uncle, we put up a new fence on our 450 sq ft pasture.  The picture you see to the left includes that new fence.  It used to be barb wire, however, that is not safe for these curious camelids.  We changed it to the wire fence.

The boys are now officially home.  We will keep Phantom's name and have decided to name the youngster Buzz (OK, Ayla named him after her favorite Toy Story character).  Phantom was born on 5/31/09 and Buzz is unofficially listed as 'Summer 2010'.  So far, they are quite spooked in their new home.

They came from a herd of over 15 alpaca, in an enclosure that was primarily dirt and have moved to a large, grassy area where they are alone.  It will take some adjusting, but they are already making do with the new digs.  Not surprisingly, Buzz has taken the role of 'beta' and Phantom has take the role of 'alpha'.  Buzz will follow Phantom around the enclosure and lay down next to him.  This is an encouraging sign that these two intact males will get along.

So far it is a big day for the boys, but I think they will be fine.  We are working on getting some hay bales and I am planning a 3-sided lean-to for them to have shelter under.

Hooray!!!  They are here!
Buzz on the left, Phantom (with mask) on right

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  1. Hooray! Alpacas are home! And I'm so freakin excited for Harry Potter!!!