Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Goats and the Jeep

June 7, 2012: We picked up our two new Nubian goats: Peppermint Twist and Gypsy Rose.  These two goats are each one year old, and have each had twins.  We purchased them from a very wonderful breeder in Hickman, NE.  If you look on the map at Lancaster County, you will quickly realize it is a huge county.  Although Hickman is in the same county, it took 45 minutes to get there!

They are both still full of milk and must be milked twice a day.  We have not actually consumed cow's milk since our last gallon ran out shortly after bringing them home.  It has been a wild transition, but goat milk tastes just like cow's milk.  We also have made butter, cheese, and ice cream with the milk.  It is pretty wild to think about how much you use those everyday things and we are creating it right here.  When I am not a summer bum I would frequently have to stop on the way to get either 1% milk for Amy and I or 2% for Ayla.  Now that inconvenience was eliminated.

But how in the heck does this relate to the Jeep?

June 7, 2005: As a graduation from college present my Dad aided me in the purchase of a car.  In 2005 gas was not nearly as expensive as it is now, and I was enamored with owning a Jeep Liberty after having driven in one that year.  So, we purchased a used 2002 Jeep Liberty with 32,000 miles on it.  I owned it, loved it, hated it when gas got out of hand (see: 2008-present).

So, seven years later, the goats got a ride home in the Jeep.  Go back in time and tell that 21 year old fool he would own land, alpacas, donkeys, chickens, have two kids and so on, he would laugh...or cry.  And then, tell him that seven years after getting that shiny "new" car there would be goats in it, he wouldn't have known what to say!

Thus, all that is left to do is share the love affair between the goats and the Jeep.  As a postlude to the story, the Jeep was traded in on June 26, 2012 for a 2009 Ford Expedition (which is pretty HUGE).  I will now drive my wife's 2008 Ford Escape.  We are pretty happy, but it was pretty bittersweet to see her go.

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