Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Year 2: "The Garden"

In a post on June 17, 2011 I wrote the following:

"Of course, one of the main reasons we purchased this land was not to garden on a small scale, but was to eventually grow lots of organic produce. Our future plans include at least an acre of the good, organic produce, but this being Year One we are being responsible and staying small. Here are some pictures of our current endeavors."

Last year we built a silly little green fence over a really small area and pretended we were happy with the small gardening space.  One of the more difficult things about moving out here in May was that the reality of developing a garden was super unlikely.  Also, we had 2.9 acres of corn in our backyard--there wasn't any garden area, which is why the small polygon of garden was all we could manage.  As you read above, our goal was to have a large, one acre garden by now.  Well, I suppose we are close:

This isn't even the whole garden, but I'll explain...
 We have converted around .75 to "garden", but considering all the time we spend tending it, we should really call it a field :).  Here is what is going on:
Corn Field, we planted over 1000 seeds of white sweet corn.  So far, we are having a decent amount of seedlings emerge.
Rows and rows of green beans!

4 of the 6 raised beds filled with carrots, beets, potatoes, lettuce, kale, swiss chard, and spinach!
The Pumpkin Patch.  There are 61 mounds of pumpkins.  It took a long time.  And we don't really need that many pumpkins.
Pumpkin seedling!
 The garden is growing, I didn't even get to show you the 20 mounds of cantaloupe, 30+ mounds of squash (we call it the baby food garden for Bram), the raspberries or the second corn plot.  If all goes according to plan, we could be pretty happy in September!

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  1. Can I start calling you Mr. Farmer? :D
    Your garden looks great!!