Monday, July 9, 2012

Where to put the Chickens?

As the summer dwindles and I gear back up for another school year, we can't help but look at our beginning of summer goal sheet and see how we did.  Goats, check.  New car, check.  Roof the garage, happening on Thursday.  Build a coop for the chickens...ugh.  Looks like we have some work to do these last couple of weeks.    
When we bought the property, we knew we had four buildings.  The barn, house and garage speak for themselves but the little cob house which sits behind the house was never put to use.  It has no electricity, no shelves, only one window and two doors.  What better way to utilize this building than use it as a chicken coop?  

So, when Amy and I work up the courage and energy we are going to attach to this building some fencing that will allow our 27 chickens outside space as well as a comfortable roost and nests on the inside.  I will call it Camp Kluck-Kluck.  I am willing to listen to some suggestions on the name. :) 

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