Sunday, March 18, 2012

You can only laugh... :)

The team from a far  :)
You are given the task of seeding 2.9 acres.  Your three bags of 25lb pasture seed (not enough), a team of four, and no discernable way to actually spread the seed other than a small hand crank from when you lived in Lincoln on a measly .17 acre lot.  On top of that it is windy, you have a three year old who is defiantly "nooping" in the lawn and a one month old who is mostly asleep.

Sounds like today's hilarious misadventure.  Although I have some pictures of the hilarity, it will not paint the full picture.  If you had driven by and seen Amy driving a tractor with both kids in her lap while me, my brother-in-law and his fiance launched seed--by hand--for 2 acres you would have been saying mean things about us on facebook.  It was truly a sight.

We were urgently trying to complete this project because it is going to rain tomorrow and likely Tuesday.  Laying new seed and having the rain plant it is a win-win, so we were up to the task.  Unfortunately I did not buy enough seed and we didn't complete at least .5 acre, but we can get that in the future.  We'll see what fruit this shall bare in the coming weeks, I hope it was worth it. 
Materials in the cart
Amy and Ayla...a clear demonstration of the wind!

Aunt Jaime is helping-seed in hand!

Here I am holding a lot of seed, letting the wind do the work.

Uncle Andrew, aka 'DooDoo' helping with the fun

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  1. Oh my gosh you guys, I love it! Too funny. Hopefully the rain today watered that seed in.