Monday, March 12, 2012

Baby Boy is here!

I am proud to announce the arrival of our son: John Bram.  John is the family name and he will be the fifth in a row, however, we will deviate a little and call him by his middle name Bram.  Bram was born on 2/16/12 at 9:42am.  He weighed in at a very healthy 9lb 2oz (don't worry, scheduled c-section) and was a hearty baritone as he entered the world.

His big sister Ayla loves him and is always wanting to hold him.  And...she also is a humongous pill right now: sharing is hard and she doesn't get it.  We'll get there, but there is definitely new parenting strategies having to be put into place here.

UPDATE: Bram is now three and a half weeks old and weighs 11+ pounds.  He is in the 98% of almost every category and is fun to have around. 

Oh, a little about the name Bram: it is technically a nickname of Abraham and currently ranks as the number 12 boy name in the Netherlands.  It is made famous by the author Bram Stoker (Dracula), Bram Weinstein (SportCenter anchor) and Bram (from ABC's 'LOST' season 5-6).  We love the name and have found there are more Bram's out there than one would think yet it is still incredibly unique.  It pronounced like Brad with an 'm'.

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  1. Yay Bram! Hope you are enjoying this gorgeous weather!