Friday, March 16, 2012

Hey, we built that!

We have been busy this week.  Not as busy as we would like to be, sometimes two little ones distracted us, but we have been busy nonetheless.  Spring break coupled with warm weather has been a very good thing for us this week.  We took on a multitude of projects including some minor building!

The Compost Pile was finally completed.  Amy has been wanting one since we moved in, it was simply a matter of finding the right design.  We used fence posts and wooden snow fencing to create our design.  We created two different piles so we can have two separate stages of compost.  The project took around 90 minutes to complete!

Also, the compost pile is the first thing to go into the 2.99 acres of space that we must fill.  It is at the edge of the produce section and will soon be joined by...

The raised beds.  We built six in all using 2 x 10s and 3.5 inch long exterior wood screws.  These took only a couple of hours and Amy is now in the process of painting them green.  They will be the first fixtures of the produce section and will contain a variety of garden goodies.  The best part is that our compost pile will supply much of the foundation for the dirt.  Fun fact, one of the beds is going to be a baby food garden bed.  Our goal is not have to buy any baby food for Bram.  Keep your fingers crossed.

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