Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Chickens are ordered

Before we moved out here I would never have been able to tell you that people ordered chicks through catalogs.  They do.  I guess it makes a little sense, how are you supposed to start a flock (is flock the right word?) without a little help to get started.  We used Murray McMurray Hatchery, a catalog which Amy has been turning the pages of for over two years.  Today was a big day for her.

On Monday May 14 we will get a call from the post office that our 25 chicks (+1 mystery chick, more on that later) will be ready for pick up.  Amy and Bram will get in the car and pick them up.  They come in a box and are no older than 72 hours.  They have yet to eat or drink anything.  The first nutrition they receive is when they are finally in their new home.  I think it is an exercise in team building, but I am not overly sure.

So what did we order?  Great question, I'll include pictures also!

Barred Rocks  (4 ordered)
 The Barred Rock is one of the all time popular favorites in this country.  They are steady layers and lay brown eggs. 

Buff Rocks (3)
When you think of the "stereo-typical" chick: yellow, small, are thinking of the Buff Rock at birth.  They lay brown eggs.

Rhode Island Reds (5)
I say, I say, I say, you ordered RI Reds?  Could you be more generic in your chickens so far?  No.  That is the way we like, well...most of us.  You will soon see that Amy does not like to play it safe the whole time.
Silver Laced Wyandotte 5
These beautiful birds lay a fine egg, but what attracted us to them is their capability to lay in the winter.  The typical hen does not lay in the cold months, however the Silvers do.  We decided they definitely belonged in the flock.

Araucana 6
No picture of an actual bird.  This breed has been so over-bred they lack a uniform look.  I have instead posted a picture of the egg color they commonly lay.  These birds are known for laying an array of "easter egg" colored eggs.  We ordered six simply because that fascinated us.

Golden Polish 2
These are Amy's walk on the wild side.  I for one was unaware that chickens came in so many varieties, colors, choices.  Amy, as usual, embraced this and found what I think is one of strangest looking birds: the Golden Polish.  They lay eggs but if you ask me, they look like the kind of bird that the rest of the gang is going to pick on, perhaps literally.

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