Friday, November 25, 2011

The Donkeys

In the first of my return posts, I need to inform you all about a significant addition to our alpaca herd.  Donkeys.

In fact, we added two donkeys.  This story is quite a doozy.  :)

Where we live, when the moon comes out it is not uncommon to hear coyotes in the distance.  Way distant, but audible nonetheless.  Our two alpacas, Buzz and Phantom, are wimps and run when anyone or anything gets near them.  Although we have a great fence around them, the reality of hungry coyotes getting in the fence did exist, but the likelihood was small.

Upon further research we learned that donkeys are coyote-killers.  Females especially.  A female donkey will protect her "children" which could be anyone she has imprinted on (ie. alpacas).  Our search for a female miniature donkey was on!  Craigslist produced a hit right a way, but the owner insisted she be sold with her best pal, who is a gelded male.  Of course, Amy convinced me real quick the importance of having them both.

So we welcomed Minnie and Buck into the fold and they have been with us over two months.  In the picture with Ayla you see Buck, who is mostly gray.  Minnie is much more photogenic as she is white with brown spots.  I don't have a great picture of her, so Buck will have to do. 

Minnie is definitely the "alpha" between the two.  She is no-nonsense, pushy and a little rude.  She has no qualms putting anyone in their place, except for me of course.  The alpacas especially dread her and she will nudge them away from food she wants.  Buck is more gentle and is OK with Ayla on his back.  He makes more noise though.  If I were to walk outside right now, he would great me with an angelic "hee-haw" and wonder why I don't come feed him and say hello.

Either way, they add a lot to our little plot, even if they are mostly around for security purposes!  :)

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