Saturday, November 26, 2011

Wait...there's an inside to the house?!

April 2011
I have spent so much time on the blog discussing the outside of our acreage, but hardly any space has been devoted to this.  This must change.

As you can see in this April picture, our house has two levels.  The bottom level has two bedrooms and the top level has three.  We currently use the bottom two bedrooms but when the kids can do the stairs they will go upstairs. 

The girls working hard!
Adjacent to the master bedroom is an office space.  Today, Amy finally got her quilting bug again and we set her up in the office.  Ayla has a vanity from her great grandmother that is in the office (for now).  We also have a desk in there.  We are all excited to have a workspace in the office.  I took a picture of the girls working hard at their respective workspaces.  Amy is quilting and Ayla is coloring.  This room might be the most modern of all our rooms as it constitutes the latest addition to the home and has electrical outlets on each wall.  Two bedrooms upstairs have zero!

Painted by Daddy 11/25/11
Lastly, I have included a picture of a framed painting on Ayla's vanity.  You can't see it in the above picture but it is there.  I just painted it yesterday while Ayla and I were having some fun and I decided to frame it.  Probably a little selfish but for some reason I was proud of it and she liked it, so we went with it! 

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