Friday, November 25, 2011

Return to the Edge!

I guess people liked my blog.

People have been bugging me to start blogging I'll give the people what they want.

Why did I stop?  As a teacher, it was easy to get lost in blogging over the summertime but between working a summer job and the school year starting up at the end of July, I simply didn't make time for blogging.

Finally I got another reminder about the Edge and I thought perhaps the time is right again now that the school year is churning and I have more time than I did before. 

But....what do I write about?!  I had ideas galore in the summer, especially during the discovery period of living out here on the Edge.  I think the blog was my comfort tool, it was my security blanket for living out here.  If you read my initial post, when I share my inner-most fears of living out here, and compare those thoughts with my current feelings, they would not relate.  Truth is, I have figured it out and things are OK out here.

I will share some new happenings here in coming posts, including some new additions (teaser alert!) I hope to eventually gain some trust in my readership again.  Thanks!

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