Saturday, May 14, 2011

Welcome to Lancaster's Edge!

Hello, and welcome to Lancaster's Edge, where you will get the opportunity to follow the life and times of a family who traded in cushy city-life for country living. Now a little bit about the family.

First there is Rob, the most uneasy about this new move. His skills are suited much more towards city-life and much less towards country living. He is a music teacher by day. His wife, Amy, is the one who hatched this crazy scheme. She’ll tell you that Rob knew all along that this was her life dream, but he will claim she never mentioned it until last year. Lastly there is Ayla, the daughter who received this acreage for her second birthday. Time will tell if she is thankful for this move or not. So far she has showed nothing but her typical enthusiasm.

Why Lancaster’s Edge? If we were to step outside of our property line we would leave our county: Lancaster County in Nebraska. We hope you enjoy reading about our life and times, struggles, successes and just plain craziness.

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