Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day Two

April 30, 2011
Did that really just happen? I’ll open my eyes and I’ll be back at Sumner. Oh, apparently not. 7:15am, that’s not a typo, Ayla wakes up to a nice cough and we go to her aid. My mother came in from Lincoln and brought us breakfast. Our kitchen didn’t come with appliances, which is a great thing because we go to pick out brand new shiny ones. The problem, however, is that we had zero food in the house for breakfast.

After a nice start to the day (thanks Mom!), we started to unload boxes. Before we know it, the appliance guys are going to be early. They deliver our new fridge, dishwasher, and range. We are spoiled and thrilled. Sumner had decent appliances, but they were not new and certainly not ‘pretty’. It also lacked a dishwasher. Amy invoked a “Whoever cooks, doesn’t do the dishes” rule early on in our marriage. Needless to say, I have done dishes the better part of the last four years. A dishwasher is most welcome.

Family comes and we unload our second moving truck. We are starting to see how little we had at Sumner. The Sumner house had 1090 square feet and we loaded it to the brim, we couldn’t wait to get out and have more space. Our new home has 2216 square feet, more than double. We are realizing that we don’t have a lot of stuff at all.

The house, although littered with boxes still, is starting to take shape. The kitchen received some much needed organization and both bedrooms are beginning to look like people live in them. The dining room has zero clutter in it. On the other hand, the living room and office are where we see the piles of boxes. The priorities are clear!

The day ends with a great meal with family and a sense of accomplishment. Everything is now inside, things just need to be put in their final spot. We are happy and loved and enjoying our quiet chunk of America.

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